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75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
P.1-6 Boys Poems P.1-6 Girls Poems
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P1 & 3 Boys
Choral Speaking
P1 & 2 Boys P1 & 2 Girls
Y51 Talking to the Wall Y52 My Dog, Spot Y20 I Had a Little Cat Y21 All Day Saturday
  Y22 The Squirrel
P3 Boys P3 Girls
Y53 I Love My Darling Tractor Y54 Midnight Y23 Jellyfish Pie Y24 The Hair Fairy
  Y25 I Like to Stay Up
P4 Boys P4 Girls
Y55 A-ra-rat Y56 Learing By Heart Y26 The Old Woman and the Sandwiches Y24 Best Friends
  Y28 The Singing Time
P5 Boys P5 Girls
Y57 I Know Someone Who Can Y58 I’m the Youngest in Our House Y29 Good Company Y30 The Microbe
  Y31 Politeness
P6 Boys P6 Girls
Y59 The Mystery Space Beasts Y60 I Think My Teacher is a Cowboy Y32 The Last Word of a Bluebird Y33 At Nine of the Night I Opened My Door
  Y34 Take a Poem