Characteristics of Curriculum School-based Curriculum Activities Achievements
Characteristics of Curriculum

Our School-based Curriculum aims to develop pupils’ confidence in communicating in English while considering the development of well-rounded individual students. The curriculum is module-based with age-appropriate themes and topics that match with pupils’ development stages. Pupils will learn English skills and other life skills through a variety of tasks and projects which enhance their understanding and use of the English Language.

School-based Curriculum
Common Learning Difficulties

Our School-based Curriculum includes curriculum to overcome common learning difficulties. There are different grammar items which pupils may find difficult to understand and use. Therefore, our teachers have designed a set of booklets to help pupils tackle common learning difficulties in a more systematic way.

Happy Writing

In order to promote pupils’ English writing proficiency, a theme-based writing task named ‘Happy Writing’ is designed for pupils in each chapter. The theme-based writing task includes ‘Pre-Happy Writing’, ‘Happy Writing’ and ‘Post Happy Writing’. The set of writing task scaffolds pupils to write in English with adequate support and confidence.

Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme

Our native-speaking English teacher Miss Dong has been teaching at our school for more than 10 years. She teaches storybooks with a lot of fun activities to junior classes. She also teaches senior classes how to do their presentation and think critically.


‘Trick or Treat?’ Pupils learn about different western festivals and people’s culture by joining Halloween activities.

English Ambassadors

English Ambassadors are trained regularly to assist in conducting various English activities. They need to communicate with teachers and pupils in English. ‘Practice makes Perfect!’

English Channel

English radio shows and videos are hosted by Little anchors. They talk about the coming festivals and school events. Sometimes they also need to read the song dedication messages or even answer pupils’ questions.

Singapore Study Tour

An English-learning study tour is organised to broaden pupils’ knowledge and help them know more about culture in an English-speaking country.

Outstanding Performance in Cambridge English Language Assessment

In 16-17, more than 9 pupils have been awarded ‘Distinction’ and ‘Merit’ in Key English Test in Cambridge English Language Assessment. To strive for the best, 8 pupils will join Preliminary English Test in Cambridge English Language Assessment in late June.

HauLong Cup English Speech Competition

More than 10 pupils have been awarded Gold Medal and Sliver Medal in the competition. They are going to join another competition soon!