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74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
P1 & 2 Boys P1 & 2 Girls
Y52 Rickety Train Ride by Tony Mitton Y51 Sounds Good by Judith Nicholls Y20 A Chubby Little Snowmanr Y21 Witch, Witch
  Y22 Gone  
P3 Boys P3 Girls
Y53 My Sister's Eating Porridge Y54 Tadpoles by Rose Flyleman Y23 Hair Drier Y24 Cats
  Y25 Summer Days  
P4 Boys P4 Girls
Y55 Plasticine by Wendy Cope Y56 I_m the One Who Rules the School by Clive Webster Y26 Cross Katy Y27 Magic Horse
  Y28The New Generation  
P5 Boys P5 Girls
Y57 My Grannies by June Crebbin Y58 Guinea Pig by Julia Donaldson Y29 Question Time Y30 Mopsy and Me
  Y31 Look Out!  
P6 Boys P6 Girls
Y59 Magic Shoes by Brian Moses Y60 Spaghetti! Spaghetti! by Jack Prelutsky Y32 The Tree and the Pool Y33 The Box
  Y34 Percy